Barn & Beach Guest House

Secluded Guesthouse With Sunroom Views


Newly built in 2023, this Union Pier rental cottage still has that new home smell! As you pull up, you’ll be greeted by a ranch-style home with vertical siding and grey shutters. A pergola-style front porch greets you, its cedar construction a preview of the beauty inside. A cute little garden and outdoor seating area bring to mind an English cottage. Beyond the property sits an almost fairytale forest—perfect for private summer outings and autumn walks. A large patio and sunroom allow you to enjoy this view unencumbered by the travails of the outdoors.

For an extra-large family gathering, consider booking the main house as well! Together, these homes can sleep up to 25 people. Seven parking spaces out back ensure there’s room for everyone’s SUV or old beater.

Designed to Stun and Impress

What greets you inside this Union Pier vacation home is just as gorgeous as what’s outside. Inside, you’ll find polished concrete floors and exposed cedar beams. The resting areas are carpeted in a neutral tan. Throughout the home, dark grey with wood accents flows. Multiple walls are covered in a gorgeous wood finish. To maximize sleeping space, cedar-framed bunk beds are featured throughout. A gorgeous, expansive kitchen with modern appliances—and a dark grey cabinet finish—makes it easy to prepare family dinners. Spend too much time in the sand? The onsite laundry makes cleanup easy.

The bathrooms—all three-and-a-half of them—are worthy of a home improvement magazine. Dark fixtures and appliances are beautifully offset with wood finishes. The floors, meanwhile, are high-end and waterproof. With both showers and baths available, everyone has something suited to their bathing routine!

Plenty of Ways to Entertain

Speaking of water, let’s talk about the hot tub! Ideal for cool autumn and spring nights, this virtual spa is clean and ready to use. Little cup holders around its edges give you plenty of space for your favorite “adult” beverage. Ample greenspace beyond the patio gives your kids plenty of space to exercise and play. When the night winds down, light up the fire pit and have yourself a s’mores party! Need to burn some calories? Grab one of the provided bikes and take a ride down the bike path across the street!

When it comes to indoor entertainment, this house offers plenty of options. This includes gathering around the wood stove in the living room to mixing cocktails with our supplied bar kit. You can enjoy TV in many of the bedrooms. The kids, meanwhile, have ample hallway room to play tag and ample hiding spots for elementary fun.

The Perfect Location for Relaxation

Located at ground zero in Union Pier, this house’s biggest advantage is its proximity to local attractions. It’s just six blocks to Townline Beach and Red Arrow Roadhouse. Even closer, however, are Seeds Brewery, Union Pier Social, and Black Currant Bakery. When it comes to getting a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of Chicago, this rental home is tough to beat.

Union Pier Is the Smart City Dweller’s Getaway

Looking for a Lake Michigan beach town without the summertime crowd? Then, you might want to pay a visit to Union Pier. This refined little retreat has plenty to offer tired city dwellers. Ample kayak rentals and an assortment of bike trails make land and lake accessible to all visitors. So, if a Michigan retreat is what you’re after, we suggest giving one of our homes a try.

Now, the most obvious attraction in Union Pier is Lake Michigan itself. The freshwater lake borders a number of local beaches including Town Line and Berrien Public beaches. If you pull back from shore, however, you’ll find plenty of other things to enjoy.

The most recommended place in the area is St. Julian Winery and Distillery. With exposed cedar beams, this gorgeous attraction offers enough to satisfy any wannabe sommelier. For your inner bargain junkie, the local antique mall offers an assortment of antiques and local goods.