Barn & Beach Main House

Main House With Rustic Charm


The larger of our paired cottages in Union Pier, this place can hold up to 14 guests at once. As you pull up, you’ll be greeted by a quaint white home with black gutter accents, large trees, and spots of wooden accents. A chimney raises from the back part of the house, a hint of what’s to come inside. Turning behind you, you’ll be greeted by a beautiful little woodland area. For parking, there are seven spots out back.

When rented in combination with the guest house, your getaway in Union Pier will be able to accommodate up to 25 guests.

Designed to Stun and Impress

As you shoulder open the front door, you’ll find yourself in an expansive area with rustic chandeliers and exposed cedar beams. Lush seating options abound in the living area, many of them clustered around the all stone fireplace. From there, you can head to the kitchen. At its center, you’ll find an apron sink and island with counter-height seatings. Modern appliances and black cabinets are tucked beneath a stunning stone countertop. A gorgeous dining table gives you plenty of space to enjoy a friendly meal.

Both bathrooms are worthy of an HGTV show. One features stunning stone floors and all-black tile. Gorgeous tropical wallpaper adds a point of whimsical intrigue behind the toilet and vanity. The other bathroom, meanwhile, is a crisp white with a freestanding tub and multiple wooden accents. If a spa bath is what you’re after, you can’t go wrong here.

All four bedrooms have a unique flair. One of them is tucked beneath the eave of the roof, lending the area a cozy feeling. Another, meanwhile, features four bunk beds in a cedar frame. With plush mattresses and freshly cleaned bedding, our Union Pier vacation rental is a great place to catch some Zzzs.

Plenty of Ways to Entertain

Inside the home, there are plenty of options for entertainment. They include snuggling by the fire and huddling around the table for a night of fun and board games. You could also just toss yourself across the couch and enjoy a rousing round of Mario Kart with the whole family. The expansive floor plan also offers kids plenty of space to play classic games like tag and Red Rover.

Now, let’s move outside. First, like all of our vacation homes in New Buffalo and Union Pier, this one comes equipped with bicycles. These make going into town or exploring the nearby walking trails easy. In the backyard, meanwhile, you’ll find a fenced-off hot tub that offers ample privacy for a relaxing soak under the sun or moon. A large greenspace, meanwhile, gives any littles ample space for rough housing and touch football.

The Perfect Location for Relaxation

Situated in the heart of Union Pier, the Main House’s biggest advantage is its location. Just six blocks away, you’ll find Red Arrow Roadhouse and Townline Beach. If that sounds too far, only a block out you’ll find Black Currant Bakery, Union Pier Social, and Seeds Brewery. And, of course, the shores of gorgeous Lake Michigan are just a hop, skip, and doggie paddle away.

If you need a break from the hustle and bustle of Chicago’s metro area, we invite you to book with us! Sounds too good to be true? Check out reviews for this Union Pier vacation home on sites like Airbnb.

Union Pier Is the Smart City Dweller’s Getaway

Looking for a Lake Michigan beach town without the summertime crowd? Then, you might want to pay a visit to Union Pier. This refined little retreat has plenty to offer tired city dwellers. Ample kayak rentals and an assortment of bike trails make land and lake accessible to all visitors. So, if a Michigan retreat is what you’re after, we suggest giving one of our homes a try.

Now, the most obvious attraction in Union Pier is Lake Michigan itself. The freshwater lake borders a number of local beaches including Town Line and Berrien Public. If you pull back from shore, however, you’ll find plenty of other things to enjoy.

The most recommended place in the area is St. Julian Winery and Distillery. With exposed cedar beams, this gorgeous attraction offers enough to satisfy any wannabe sommelier. For your inner bargain junkie, the local antique mall offers an assortment of antiques and local goods.